Remote Bankruptcy Available, Start to Finish!

Like many professionals, when the pandemic arrived we began "leaning in" to existing systems and technology to offer a safe and in many ways better and more convenient experience for our clients. We are keeping many of these changes. Remote bankruptcy, start to finish, including chapter 7, chapter 11 and chapter 13, will continue as an available option.

In addition to in-person meetings for those who are comfortable with that and fully-vaccinated, we offer a streamlined process for consulting (determining whether bankruptcy is the right solution for you) with any remote platform, including Zoom, Facetime, Google Meets, or by phone. We can exchange all needed documents by email.

Pre-pandemic, the bankruptcy court was preparing to go remote anyway. So when the pandemic hit it hardly missed a beat. Creditors' meetings are now all conducted telephonically. There can sometimes be a short wait while on the phone, but no drive time is required. All hearings with a judge (not required in most consumer cases) are by video. Again, no drive time!

Relief from credit worries is more available and convenient than ever before. If you have debt problems, don't hesitate to contact us to see if bankruptcy is a good option for you.

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