For those who want to get their affairs in order. Our basic will package consists of the following.

Last will and testament. It's your will. Prevent misunderstandings among your loved ones. And between them and others. Otherwise your property will pass by the laws of intestacy. That may not be what you want. Or what's best for your heirs. We can create trusts for younger folks, or for those with special needs.

Power of attorney. For your convenience during your lifetime. Authorize someone you trust to conduct business, banking or real estate transactions for you. Useful while traveling or anytime you might be unable to attend to such things yourself.

Living will and health care directive. Your preferences for end of life medical decisions. Enable a trusted relative or friend to make health care decisions if you are unable to. Helpful for medical procedures, including surgery.

Peace of mind comes with knowing that your wishes will be followed in all these situations.

When is it a good idea? If you don't have a will. Anytime your situation has changed since you signed your present will. For example, if you are recently divorced, had children, accumulated wealth, or have medical concerns.

I will be happy to discuss your situation further. To schedule a consultation please call us at (860) 264-1551.