Business Lawyers in Torrington, CT

All businesses need a business law attorney to provide legal help from time to time, but most businesses, especially smaller ones, don’t have the need or resources to maintain in-house counsel. At the same time, dealing with legal matters can divert the attention of business owners from where it belongs — the work of their business and the needs of clients and customers.

If you own a business, you likely want to focus on what you do best — running it and helping it grow. But you also understand that failing to attend to legal details can jeopardize everything you have worked to build.

The solution is to work with a business law attorney who understands the needs of your business and who offers the legal services you need in an efficient and cost-effective manner. For most businesses, such services include:

Business Formation and Start-Ups

The decisions you make at the outset of your business venture are foundational and will impact your business’s profitability and success. We will explore with you options for business entities such as business corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and more.

Business Organization

After you select a business entity, we will help you file the necessary documents with Connecticut to form your business and will assist with other post-formation matters including drafting and adoption of bylaws, policies, and resolutions.

Buying or Selling a Business

Buying or selling a business presents uncertainty and risk for both the buyer and seller. These transactions, especially for smaller businesses, can be speculative. Our attorneys work to minimize uncertainty and ensure value for our clients, while ensuring a smooth transition to promote the future success of the business.

Operating and Partnership Agreements

Depending on your business entity, we will draft an operating agreement (for an LLC) or partnership agreement (for a partnership). These essential documents establish the rights and responsibilities of partners regarding the business.

Mediating or Litigating Partnership Disputes

The agreements and other documents we draft on behalf of our business clients are designed to promote understanding and minimize the risk of conflict and business disruption.

And while we work to help our clients avoid needless disputes, we understand that disputes arise in the course of a business’s operation. When that happens, we help you to resolve disagreements through mediation or litigation. We offer our clients a variety of dispute resolutions options because we understand that each business has unique needs.

Our preference is always to resolve conflicts as amicably and cost-effectively as possible. However, our priority is to do what will best protect your business and serve its goals, in both the short and long term. If that means taking a dispute to trial, we are experienced courtroom advocates who are well-equipped to litigate on your behalf.

Additional Legal Services for Connecticut Business Owners

We handle divorce and bankruptcy services for business owners who are in need of legal representation or advice. Should you require business law services other than those our firm provides, we have relationships with other attorneys to whom we can confidently refer you.

One of these attorneys is Matt Kulseth at Mighty Marks. We routinely work with Mighty Marks, a law firm that provides comprehensive trademark services to clients across the nation. If you need help protecting your brand, schedule an initial consultation today.

Experienced CT Business Law Attorney Serving Torrington

The secret to a successful business is establishing a strong foundation, building relationships, clearly delineating rights and responsibilities, eliminating distractions, and getting the legal support you need.

Please contact us at your convenience to discuss your situation and the needs of your business. The business lawyers in Torrington, CT at Lawrence & Jurkiewicz, LLC represent clients throughout the greater Hartford area and the Litchfield County area.