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Avon, Connecticut Divorce Lawyers

Matters involving matrimonial law and custody present significant financial and emotional challenges. We represent clients in collaborative divorce, mediation, adversarial divorce, and custody and support cases, seeking the most optimal resolution possible, with a minimum of stress. Click on a link below for an introduction to your issue, or to review different approaches to divorce.

Divorce Law Office in Connecticut

With offices in Avon and Torrington, Connecticut divorce attorney Edward Jurkiewicz represents divorce and family law clients throughout the greater Hartford area and the Litchfield County area.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce Imagine what can be achieved when both parties commit to working their differences toward a detailed “win-win” scenario, each assisted by able professionals. Collaborative divorce combines the best aspects of adversarial div… Read More

Divorce Mediation

If both spouses accept that divorce is inevitable, mediation may provide an alternative that is less stressful and more economical. It is important that mediation be truly voluntary for both parties and that both can commit to resolving their differe… Read More

Adversarial Divorce

Perhaps you have decided to file for divorce and you are not communicating well with your husband or wife. Or your spouse has begun a Connecticut divorce action. The outcome of your case will determine the legal rights and obligations of you and your… Read More

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