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Connecticut Foreclosure Mediation

At the height of the financial crisis in 2008, the Connecticut Superior Court instituted its Foreclosure Mediation Program. Using that program, we help homeowners save their homes from foreclosure. Here is an overview of how it works.

Foreclosure Mediation Program Process in Connecticut

First, certain eligibility restrictions apply. Mediation is not available in foreclosures of condominium liens or tax liens. The real property being foreclosed must be one-to-four family, and occupied by either the owner or the owner's "permitted successor-in-interest" (either the spouse of a deceased borrower who now holds sole title to the property, through an inheritance or survivor rights in the deed; or a spouse of a borrower who became an owner through a divorce judgment or a legal separation).

Mediation must be requested within 15 days of the return date in the case, so it is important to retain an attorney as soon as you are served with the foreclosure complaint.


Initially, there is a "pre-mediation" process, which allows the mediator to determine whether mediation will be helpful, given the loan history and the goals of the homeowner. Loss-mitigation options may also be explored. During the pre-mediation period, the bank and the homeowners exchange a great deal of information. The information the bank is required to disclose includes a detailed account history with reinstatement figures, contact information for a person who can answer detailed questions about the loan, and more. It is important to have the assistance of an attorney in this exchange.

Possible Results of Foreclosure Mediation: Mortgage Reinstatement, Lower Interest Rates and/or Lower Mortgage Payments

Through mediation, it is possible to negotiate a reinstatement or a modification of the mortgage, which may reduce the interest rate and/or the monthly payment amount upon the successful completion of a trial period.

Mediation is a voluntary process for both sides. We will do our best to organize your information and present your case for optimal results. We’ve had much success helping homeowners in these cases.

Foreclosure Mediation in Connecticut

With offices in Avon and Torrington, we assist homeowners through the greater Hartford area and the Litchfield County area with the Connecticut Foreclosure Mediation Program process. We welcome you to contact us for a consultation about how we can help you.

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