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The team at Lawrence & Jurkiewicz in Torrington provided exceptional legal services. From the moment I reached out for assistance, Ed Jurkiewicz and his team demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and genuine care. Their attention to details and precision communication ensured I understood every step. Resounding 5-Star review for the entire process.

– Law Firm Client
We sought Ed Jurkiewicz's help in resolving some issues due to a probate that hadn't been handled effectively by another attorney. Ed went to work immediately to reopen the probate for the estate and got the issues resolved faster than we ever expected. It was a pleasure working with Ed as he communicated quickly and effectively when it was necessary and was always very pleasant and helpful. If there was an issue that required further research Ed admitted that and went right to work to get that done. I also wanted to commend his excellent paralegal/assistant who was always helpful, insightful and responsive. All said, Lawrence and Jurkiewicz is one of the best experiences we've had in legal representation.
– Probate Estate Client

The professionalism and expediency with which you handled this case exceeded our hopes and expectations. We are profoundly grateful....

– Foreclosure Defense Clients

"Thank you so much. I am so happy this went smoothly and that is all because of you. You were absolutely wonderful, so kind and patient. I truly appreciate it....I can’t say enough nice things about you and how much you helped!"

– Divorce Client
Best attorney and staff ever! They are knowledgeable and responsive, and I encourage you to call them.
– Law Firm Client
[T]hank you for...the prenuptial agreement--you were very easy to work with and made the whole process painless. Our wedding celebration was wonderful and we look forward to never having to use the agreement!

– Prenuptial Agreement Client
Using Lawrence & Jurkiewicz was Hands down the best experience I ever had with any law firm. They are 100% committed, everything is explained in great detail and they guide you the entire way with professionalism. Their greatest asset is their Paralegal Aralinde!!! She is super professional and the best at what she does. If you are looking for any legal advice? These are the folks you should be using!
– Legal Client

"Thank you for the extraordinary legal work that you did for me! No one else could have accomplished what you did-extricating me from two never ending disputes. Both results were wonderful."

– Business Litigation Client

Thank you for all the help. You made a difficult time much easier and less stressful, which I greatly appreciate. The most helpful staff, Aralinde is exceptional, helpful and professional.

– Bankruptcy Client
They were a huge help when I didn't have anywhere else to turn. I would use this firm again definitely!
– Law Firm Client

Ed Jurkiewicz was always competent and professional and his assistants were friendly and helpful throughout our rather difficult case.

– Bankruptcy Client

I had a wonderful experience with Atty Jurkiewicz and his para-legal Aralinde. I came in emotionally stressed due to finances and they were able to clarify my situation and my options and let me choose a course of action. Going through the bankruptcy process with them was broken down to be straightforward and clear, and they were extremely timely in responding to any questions and concerns I had. I had guidance at all times. I would retain them again in a heartbeat for any future concerns, although that hopefully won’t be necessary! Can not recommend enough this responsible and conscientious team!

– Bankruptcy Client

I went with Edward because of the reviews and experience listed on his website. Let me just say Edward and his paralegal Aralinde discarded any preconceived misconceptions I had about bankruptcy attorneys and/or firms.

They are THE most professional, responsive, helpful, trustworthy, hardworking, and knowledgeable individuals I have ever come across. That goes for any profession.

I am by nature an anxious person. I did not understand bankruptcy and placed my entire trust in Edward and Aralinde. They delivered time and time again through extensions, requests by judges, trustees, etc they put me at ease through the whole process.

There is a stigma behind declaring bankruptcy that needs to go away. Many people use the law because they have no choice. I was one of those people. Edward and Aralinde navigated the complex laws surrounding this stigmatic process and I can tell you now that coming out of it on the other side I owe them my life. Stigma begone!

Thank you to both of you and please don’t ever stop practicing! Many others will need your help!

– Bankruptcy Client

In my most challenging personal and professional moments, Ed is a thoughtful and dependable counselor for which I am grateful.

– Family/Business Law

Ed Jurkiewicz is an exceptional lawyer that represented me through a...dispute that recently ended with the best possible outcome for me. He is an attorney who gets the job done correctly with each step....Ed capably...won my case in a tremendously advantageous settlement. He is immediately responsive, knowledgeable, clear and professional. He is one of the best attorneys that I have ever used and I highly recommend him.

- Business litigation client

I was very pleased by his professionalism, conscientiousness, and prompt responses to my questions and concerns.

– Divorce Client

I’ve finally been able to build my life and move on to so much better things thanks to your support through my divorce phase.

– Divorce Client

I appreciated his ability to navigate the litigation process wisely, patiently, and professionally.

– Business Law Client

Thanks to Ed’s help, this has been a smooth, simple process. Much simpler than we had expected.

– Bankruptcy Client

Attorney Jurkiewicz was a strong advocate for my needs.... The case was exceedingly contentious... and therefore, required a very strategic approach.... Attorney Jurkiewicz... was meticulous... and... craft[ed] thoroughly researched, well-written, and persuasive motions... to execute our strategy almost flawlessly. The opposing party had roadblocks thrown up multiple times; each time, Attorney Jurkiewicz assessed the situation and determined a new approach to obtain the final outcome I wanted. He was always honest in evaluating both the advantages and risks of our strategy and provided his recommendations, but ultimately let me choose the next course of action.... I recommend Attorney Jurkiewicz to anyone seeking an exceptionally talented divorce attorney....

– Divorce Client

Thank you for being by my side during the worst moments of my life! Thank you!

– Family Law Client

I am so grateful to have met you, you are the best!

– Family Law Client
[Y]our work has paid off, we truly expected this to take more time and effort.... We really do appreciate how you have helped us.

– Bankruptcy Clients