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Collaborative Divorce

Imagine what can be achieved when both parties commit to working their differences toward a detailed “win-win” scenario, each assisted by able professionals.

Collaborative divorce combines the best aspects of adversarial divorce and mediation in a “paradigm shift” in which the emphasis is on client autonomy and openness and transparency between the parties. Both parties have their own attorneys, but sign an agreement at the outset to cooperate in resolving all of the issues in their divorce case without litigation. Assisted by their lawyers, the parties work toward a structured settlement. A financial expert and a therapist or counselor can be an integral part of the team, or assist in resolving discrete issues on an “as needed” basis. Because the end-product is a detailed settlement agreement that is a product of the parties' joint efforts, the potential for post-judgment litigation and associated expense is reduced.

The collaborative process is usually the most effective option for managing and minimizing the inevitable stress that comes with divorce.

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