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Man writing Homestead Exemption in a note pad. Visual concept for Connecticut Homestead Exemption Update

Connecticut Homestead Exemption

A bankruptcy does not mean you have to lose your house. In fact, filing for bankruptcy may help you save it. In the last few years, changes to the Connecticut homestead exemption have helped borrowers protect more of the equity in their homes, vehicl… Read More
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Close-up Of A Family Paper Cut On Broken Heart At Wooden Desk - visual concept for legal blog titled Domestic Support Obligations and Bankruptcy.

Alimony, Child Support and Bankruptcy

After a divorce or child custody battle, the loss of a second income and increased personal and legal expenses can sometimes send you into bankruptcy. In other cases, domestic support obligations can linger years after changes to your employment or f… Read More
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Bankruptcy Attorney with a touch stops process of falling dominoes. Visual for a legal blog on Bankruptcy and Restructuring: Legal Options for Connecticut Businesses.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring: Legal Options for Struggling Businesses

Small businesses are at the heart of the American economy, but rising costs, employment issues, and even natural disasters can all lead to tough choices for struggling businesses. Business owners may have their own assumptions about business bankrupt… Read More
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Calm sea with blue beach chairs on the sand visual concept for 401K.

Don't Touch That 401K!

You want to be a good person and pay your debts. The idea of filing for bankruptcy may scare you or make you feel ashamed – like you’re not living up to your obligations. If so, you may be tempted to withdraw funds from your 401k account or other… Read More
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Tight close up shot of men reviewing documents for Chapter 7 Eligibility and Means Test Deductions to determine qualifications for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Eligibility: Means Test Deductions

Many people see a Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a comparatively easy way to discharge debts they cannot pay and get a clean start. But not everyone can qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy eligibility. Knowing who is eligible for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy depends… Read More
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Frustrated small business owner worrying about having to file for bankruptcy.

Can Bankruptcy Save My Connecticut Small Business?

As a small business owner, making ends meet can be stressful, especially during financial downturns or seasonal lean periods. You may worry that you won’t be able to pay your employees’ payroll while paying off company debts. Bankruptcy is a powe… Read More
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Midsection Of Man Holding Credit Card And Using Laptop On Table - concept for the Connection Between Business Credit and Personal Credit

The Connection Between Business Credit and Personal Credit

Business owners looking to leverage their assets to build their companies often need to develop business credit lines separate from their personal credit histories. Understanding the connection between business credit and personal credit is key to cr… Read More
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Lawyer in bankruptcy consultation with clients.

How to Get Ready for Your Consultation with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Making the decision to talk to a bankruptcy attorney can be hard. You may have emotional, practical, and financial concerns about filing for bankruptcy. Many of those concerns can be answered during a free initial consultation. Knowing how to get rea… Read More
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Broken sad pink piggy bank concept for tips for filing bankruptcy.

Top 10 Connecticut Bankruptcy Tips From a Bankruptcy Lawyer

The choices you make in the days leading up to filing for a Connecticut bankruptcy can affect your financial freedom once it is over. Here are some Bankruptcy Tips from a bankruptcy lawyer with years of experience. Following these tips and working wi… Read More
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Padlock on hundred dollar bill Concept for Non-Dischargeable Debts.

Non-Dischargeable Debts: What Are They and What To Do About Them

For most Connecticut residents, filing for bankruptcy is about erasing unpayable balances on medical bills, credit cards, and other amounts owed. But some non-dischargeable debts can survive even bankruptcy proceedings. Knowing what these debts are,… Read More
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