Bankruptcy law isn't exciting.

Bankruptcy law isn't exciting. At least, it shouldn't be. Not if it's done right.

When you realize you need to file bankruptcy it's natural to imagine you will be stigmatized. It's baked into our cultural DNA. But financial misfortune can happen to anyone. You might be surprised to learn how many of your neighbors have gone through it. In the real world, for the most part, nobody knows and nobody cares.

Fear of initiating a complex and expensive court proceeding is also understandable. You might be surprised to learn that the vast majority of bankruptcy filers never see the inside of a courtroom.

The key is preparation. The law requires us to gather accurate and complete information about your debts and financial affairs. We have a great deal of experience in how to do this and how to spot and resolve any issues early on. We also streamline the process as much as possible. Our clients often tell us how smooth and painless it was.

You will be required to attend a meeting of creditors with your attorney. We'll prepare you for the mostly routine questions you will be asked. It's called a "creditors' meeting", but in the vast majority of consumer cases creditors don't attend or participate in the case directly. By that point they've already written off the debt. Very likely, this is the only hearing you will have to attend. Again, painless.

Many years ago, bankruptcy judges administered each case. Today, a trustee handles all routine matters. The judge only get involved where there is a real controversy. We take pride in our ability to anticipate and prevent foreseeable issues from arising. Again, this requires planning. When issues can't be avoided, we can usually resolve them expeditiously and economically. This may involve the filing or defense of motions with the court, but only rarely will your attendance or testimony be required.

So, sorry to disappoint, but it's not exciting. No racing down corridors or Perry Mason moments. So don't let your imagination run away with you or prevent you from getting the help you need.