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Remote Bankruptcy, Start to Finish!

There’s no reason to wait until the pandemic is over to get relief from your creditors. Remote bankruptcy, start to finish, including chapter 7, chapter 11 and chapter 13, is now what we do! And it’s more efficient than before. We offer a… Read More
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Don't Touch That 401K!

Please don’t tap your 401K or retirement savings as a last resort to pay debt. Particularly credit card debt. In thirty years of bankruptcy practice I have seen this scenario time and again. Clients come to me for help after draining their reti… Read More
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Bankruptcy law isn't exciting.

When you realize you need to file bankruptcy it's natural to imagine you will be stigmatized. It's baked into our cultural DNA. But financial misfortune can happen to anyone. Read More
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Is There Life After Bankruptcy?

Although bankruptcy is intended as a fresh start we are conditioned, culturally, to regard it as...the end. So, what comes after? Read More
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