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Remote Divorce Available, Start to Finish!

Like many professionals, when the pandemic arrived we began “leaning in” to existing systems and technology to offer a safe and in many ways better and more convenient experience for our clients. We are keeping many of these changes. Remo… Read More
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Let's Be Reasonable!

In divorce cases being reasonable is a strength, not a weakness. It’s an old saying among lawyers that “good people do well” in such cases. Let’s unpack this as a series of (possibly) inconvenient truths…. If you are goi… Read More
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Is mediation a good solution for my divorce?

Is mediation a good solution for my divorce? If you are considering mediation it’s important to think about that at the outset. Technically speaking, anything can be mediated, even a nuclear standoff. Compared to the adversarial process, mediat… Read More
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