Beware "One Size Fits All" Bankruptcies

If you have debt problems you probably don't have a lot of extra cash. We get that. But it's never a good idea to allow an advertised discount price to control your selection of a bankruptcy attorney. Think this through.

Would you sign on with a doctor who offered open-heart surgery for one low fee? Without even meeting you or knowing anything about your situation? Your financial health is also important. Why would you hire a bankruptcy lawyer who does the same?

Bankruptcy is a powerful tool for resolving debt issues. Personally, I have over thirty years experience in using it to give clients fresh starts. But the solution for you depends on your own situation, and every case is different. We represent clients. This is not a bankruptcy mill. We offer bankruptcy alternatives and we understand that bankruptcy is not the best solution for every debt problem. And while we pride ourselves on providing efficient, cost-effective representation, we don't "diagnose" your situation in advance to sell you a product. To see what some of our clients say about their results, click here.

Will a lawyer angling for large numbers of clients at discount rates be able to provide all of them with good service? I have no patience when my calls aren't returned promptly, and clients are entitled to expect the same. Issues come up in every legal case. If we don't answer when you call, we typically get back to you within minutes, prepared to answer your questions or begin to resolve your issue.