Bankruptcy Client

I went with Edward because of the reviews and experience listed on his website. Let me just say Edward and his paralegal Aralinde discarded any preconceived misconceptions I had about bankruptcy attorneys and/or firms.

They are THE most professional, responsive, helpful, trustworthy, hardworking, and knowledgeable individuals I have ever come across. That goes for any profession.

I am by nature an anxious person. I did not understand bankruptcy and placed my entire trust in Edward and Aralinde. They delivered time and time again through extensions, requests by judges, trustees, etc they put me at ease through the whole process.

There is a stigma behind declaring bankruptcy that needs to go away. Many people use the law because they have no choice. I was one of those people. Edward and Aralinde navigated the complex laws surrounding this stigmatic process and I can tell you now that coming out of it on the other side I owe them my life. Stigma begone!

Thank you to both of you and please don’t ever stop practicing! Many others will need your help!