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Do Transfer on Death Accounts Mean I Don’t Need an Estate Plan?

Transfer on death accounts (TODs) or Payable on Death Designations (PODs) can help transfer property to your loved ones without involving the Connecticut probate court. This makes them a useful tool in your estate planning tool belt, but using transf… Read More
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Signing Last Will and Testament - Concept for What to Include in a Connecticut Will.

What to Include in a Connecticut Will

When Connecticut residents come to estate planning attorneys, they often ask what to include in their will. A last will and testament is fully customizable to meet your needs, but there are certain provisions that you generally need to include. Here… Read More
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Your Will After Divorce

The divorce process requires navigating and coping with many transitions, both personal and financial. Amid this temporary storm, it’s easy and perhaps natural for some details to be overlooked. But there can be long-lasting consequences. Many, if… Read More
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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Connecticut Wills, “Will Packages”, Revocable Living Trusts, and Probate

If you are just starting to plan for your family’s future, you may have questions about how estate planning works, and what documents you need to protect yourself and your family. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers abo… Read More
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