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COVID-19- Our Response

Our clients know we take great pride in being responsive to their needs. During this time of extraordinary challenge we are doubling down on that commitment, and looking forward to providing the same high level of service.

Like everyone, we are making day-to-day adjustments to a developing situation. It's been reported that by the afternoon of D-Day, allied forces were directing traffic on the beach. In the last couple of weeks I have seen a bit of that spirit. Both bench and bar have rallied quickly, implementing procedures to address the COVID-19 crisis, while keeping the legal process running as normally as possible.

While many deadlines have been suspended or extended, all courts still accept filings. It is important not to be lulled into complacency about your legal matter.

Bankruptcy court hearings, including creditors' meetings, are proceeding, but are being conducted by telephone. State court hearings in family and other civil matters are suspended for the time being, except for some urgent matters like restraining orders.

While our brick and mortar office is temporarily closed to the public, we are continuing to schedule appointments. Our staff has adapted quite well to working remotely, using telephone consultations, conference calls and video-conferencing. In many cases the requirement of obtaining original signatures on legal documents has been suspended. Where required,we will be able to obtain your e-signature. We are continuing to conduct divorce mediation sessions using video-conferencing apps like Zoom.

Much of the technology needed during this crisis was already in use. We are leaning into existing technology more now. We are also working to improve our technical capabilities. This will allow us to better serve to you in the long run.

We appreciate our clients and look forward to continuing to be of service in this trying time, and into the future.

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